Yes, Amazon.  To most people who will read our post, Amazon now means the internets biggest marketplace where you can seriously buy just about anything.  Not only that, but you can get it for the best price around!

Well, now, Sprout, the one and only home health care kit, can also be found on Amazon!  I mean, why not!  Our intention really always has been to have our kits accessible around the world, and now, we are one step closer.

So, please feel free to go on (we know that you do!!!!) and check us out on there.  If you really want to help support us even more, recommend that your friends and loved ones who are having baby showers register for it on their Amazon Baby Registry.  Or just recommend it to them!  OR, if you are feeling really generous, write us a review on Amazon!

No matter which option you choose, at the very least, please share in our happiness that we are now part of the largest marketplace on the internet.  It is feeling pretty great on this end!!!!!!

Here is the link to take a look!  Thanks for shopping!!!!!


As you may have heard, we are NOT going to be on Dr. Phil.

That is the short version and of course, I will be outlining the long version right now!

I initially contacted the show (as well as every other show I can think of out there) to be part of their “do you have a controversial method of parenting” show.

Now, to be clear, I do not feel the way I parent with regards to health care for my son is controversial at all!  In fact, amongst my circle of friends, I am very commonplace in my methods.  Now, I may be  purposely secluding myself with all my like minded friends but I really like my like minded friends!  However, I can tend to forget or be in denial about the rest of the country and how they feel.  When I step out of my little comfort bubble of Kona, I do realize that I am actually a very small minority of people who practice natural medicine within their home and that it has become quite the hot topic. And, this is where the real story begins!

So, after hours and hours of phone conversations with screeners and associate producers and then their producers I was told that we were a sure thing for the Dr. Phil show and abruptly spread the great news to all of our “friends.”  The people at the show thought that indeed the topic of wholistic/alternative methods as the primary means of treating the common ailments that children experience was indeed a controversial topic and one that merited lots of discussion and publicity.  Yay for us!  Let’s get this message out there to the masses!

As the conversations between myself and the show evolved, they asked me if I had any family members who oppose the way I raise our son.  I thought of a few circumstances between my husband, sister and even my mom in which they may not have agreed 100% with my “extreme” methods.  However, this was not enough discourse for the show and they asked me to find another family member who opposed my methods.

I quickly called my cousin, Roxanne.  Now, Roxanne is one of the most talented, beautiful, articulate and empowered people I know and I am fortunate to be her cousin.  Roxanne is also a big believer in “alternative” medicine and definitely makes use of homeopathics and western and chinese herbal formulas in her home.  However, to date, she has used western medicine for anything “bigger” than a cold or flu for her son.   So, when I heard that we raise our children differently, yet come from the same family,  I thought I had hit the jackpot for Dr. Phil!

Sure enough, she was actually surprised to hear about some of the methods I employ and home remedies I trust, and she was willing to give the show a call.  They loved us both as “honest, articulate, educated and well-spoken” women.  We would make perfect guests…. again, yay for us!

Now, neither of us have ever seen the Dr. Phil show but figured we could tangle with the best of them and carried along with the interviews.  I was asked all about natural remedies and spelled things out specifically and literally for the producers.  I provided them with videos of how we administer some of the wonderful and beautiful treatments we use with our kits and was really happy answering tough and controversial questions for them in hopes of empowering other families with education about natural medicine.  Meanwhile, the same people were grilling my cousin about whether or not she felt I was “neglecting” my son or whether she believed my lack of western medicinal intervention was a form of “child abuse.”


We started watching clips of Dr. Phil and were reminded of the days when we used to watch the Jerry Springer Show.  We were finally starting to catch on to what they really wanted from us… to completely bastardize the methods of healing we use.  They wanted to pit us against each other rather than amicably discussing two opposing sides of an age old debate.  We both got more than a little afraid at this point.

I have always heard that any publicity is better than no publicity so I forged on.  However, my wise cousin started telling them that although she doesnʻt use my methods in her home she certainly didnʻt believe I was being abusive or irresponsible with my son.  And, that is pretty much when their correspondence with us ceased.

I feel a little violated and very naive and really glad that I am universally protected from people who might want to publicly scorn and shame me on national television.  So, allʻs well that ends well and we will continue to look for other less diabolically dramatic ways to let the nation know about the beautiful world of natural medicine!

If anyone has any leads for us or any connections, bring it on!  We handled Dr. Phil pretty well and are feeling confident!

(And, Uncle Steve, I am still the most famous person you know because I was in Surfer magazine and had my own Womenʻs  Surf Mag cover while surfing at 9 months pregnant… still trumps my dadʻs photo of Lonesome George!)

Thanks for reading and loving us!  We love you back!

I know I have promised readers that I would focus more on the actual healing of certain common ailments that our kids go through… and I will.  I have a few things drafted up that I havenʻt quite finished because A LOT has happened in the last few weeks!Most notably, I did it.  I sent my son off the kindergarten.  He happily galavanted out of my life and into a new world… a world that I get to hear about 1 1/2 minutes worth of when he gets home.  I want to know every detail about the other 6 hours and 58 1/2 minutes and I never will.  That has been the hardest thing!  I have been the one – only me – that knows every thing about him.  I see every smile, every tear, every new discovery.  Me, his mommy!  Now, all those new things belong to someone else and I canʻt quite seem to pry them out of him.  He is still mostly mine, but somehow way more his own.  A perfect progression, admittedly but still….. my heart! The horror of driving away that first morning and wandering around aimlessly being torn between the feeling of doing something as dastardly as leaving my child somewhere for 7 hours!!!!!! and the feeling of the natural order of things!Suddenly, it is routine – as simple as that!  Glad we are such adaptable creatures!And, with all this extra time, I was able to manifest something that has been a long time coming… I just didnʻt know exactly what it would look like!  The reality of what I have been dreaming about will culminate on the Dr. Phil show next Wednesday.  At least that is the taping of it… will definitely let you know about the air date!  But, I am flying there to talk about the way I have chosen to treat and not treat our son with convential and alternative medicine.  So super excited!  Amazed and blessed with this opportunity and a little overwhelmed!  I mean, Dr. Phil!  Truthfully, I have never even seen his show and 10 years ago when we were in NY and tried to go see David Letterman I couldnʻt even identify Dr. Phil as Daveʻs go to Doctor!Yet, here we go… a nationwide venue with which to expose the masses to our way of life and our motherʻs (fatherʻs) little helper… the kits!Thank you all for your support and please, keep reading this and keep commenting and keep telling your friends.  You know you will want to have been part of the ground floor core group of supporters when we go viral… Oh yeah!!!!!!:0)

via Dr. Phil.

by Joy, Ola Kits

Thursdays are a day that my husband works a double which means he is gone from 7am to 10pm… which also means free reign all day with me and little man!  Today we made plans to go to the beach and visit good friends.  We got there early and dove for toypedos and have underwater tea parties and make sand castles and “rivers” in the sand.  

I was quickly reminded of the value of quality conversation and company when our friends arrived.  One is a dear friend visiting/returning home temporarily!  So great spending time with him!  And the other is a girlfriend of mine with two beautiful children!  This woman is one of the best creators of her own reality that I know, and I am so fortunate to have had her endorsement with our home health kits from the very beginning!  I think she has probably bought and gifted more kits than I even have!  She has a great page on facebook, she makes a killing as an Arbonne Retailer and generally walks the walk of an all natural, super conscientious mama!  Thanks to her I also made a brand new discovery today.  Although I currently, personally donʻt own any Arbonne stuff even though I think they have great products.  However, I am about to!  I saw their new line of health care products which includes a toothpaste.  Now, most of you donʻt know this about me but I am crazy about toothcare.  I have previously been limited to making or purchasing (in times of laziness) tooth powder with usually just sea salt, baking soda and mint powder or buying Vicco from India.  The reason for this is because neither of these has flouride or glycerine!  Yay!  So, now I have a third option with the Arbonne toothpaste.  Please check out her site at  Thank you so much for being my friend and supporter, Brianne!  You truly are something special in my life!

After getting to spend quite a bit of time with Brianne and her kids, we took a maiden voyage bicycle ride on the new cement highway that is near our house.  He did so great!  We took lots of breaks on our way back since it is mostly up hill but were blessed with occasional misty raindrops and a beautiful sunset!

So, all in all, the second to last Thursday that I get to spend with my little man all by myself all day long before he is whisked away by school was, of course, another special gift!  He is  sleeping so sweetly right now after a hard day of play!  I am so glad all of these moments are etched in my being!  Aaaaahhhh, life is so good!

And, I did want to mention that if you want to know more about toothcare and really healing your teeth, a really great resource right now is Ramiel Nagelʻs site



by Joy, Ola Kits


I remember my “baby shower” very well. I was fortunate enough to have both a baby shower and a blessingway. My shower was at a local beach and it was so hot that I just felt all antisocial and sat in some tidepools whenever I could. I know other people had a great time and that helped it feel like a success. I just wanted to get to the next part… having that little baby out of my body and in my arms.

Then the blessingway happened which was also very nice… well, way beyond nice! Probably the most touching and moving and emotional part of my pregnancy aside from finding out I was pregnant and then, of course, labor. At the time, it felt like the end all be all experience that had to be just right and totally perfect as if it were some great omen of things to come.

Once I had the baby, those two events seemed completely anti-climactic and almost meaningless compared to the actual reality of the baby! Nevertheless, at the time, they are huge landmark events in a pregnancy and it is so fun to make them very meaningful!

In light of all that, I am happy to say that I just got to send my dear friend who moved off the island about a year ago a wonderful package. She told me she was looking for a great baby shower gift that wasnʻt the usual diaper wreath or onesie pack, etc. And, since she knows about our sweet little kits… she ordered three!

Our kits are super unique and actually, the perfect baby shower gift! They are always the talk of the shower or blessingway and really get a lot of attention. I will try to let you know how her three pregnant friends like the kits. Maybe they will even comment on our blog about them or become testimonial contributors to our website!

We would also love to hear about awesome baby shower gifts along the “natural” realm of things! Thanks for reading!!!!!


by Joy, Ola Kits


“While a child attending kindergarten Joy, cannot fully comprehend all the priceless reasons they are there – to socialize, make friends, grow, and prepare for ever higher realms of awareness – by that age they can, nevertheless, sense and grasp that their wise and doting parents have kept their very best interests in mind, and that is enough. Because with this awareness, they can at least stop trying to figure everything out and simply start enjoying their hand painting, alphabet lessons, and cat-naps. Knowing that even if they break a crayon or some lad pulls a chair out from under them, they’re still exactly where they should be, everything is going to turn out just grand, and everyone back home is as proud as can be.”

This quote came in to me from “the universe” quotes that I get for daily reminders and inspiration on July 16, the day before my Little Man came back home from his extended trip with Daddy.  The whole week that I had without him was amazing!  Again, it really was the first time in five and a half years that I didn’t have a “deadline” to the end of my alone time.  At the same time, my heart and still existing phantom umbilical cord were being stretched to the limits.  And… we have the impending doom of the first day of school coming up… hmmm…..

So, as the first day of school approaches ever closer, I am frantic to spend as much time with my son as humanly possible!  Mondays are my one of my whole days with him in which his dad works from 7 am until 10 pm.  It is bliss!  We decided to stay home all day and just do random things together.  The first thing was cleaning his room up a little.  We made it fun!

Then we decided to make yogurt since he loves to eat homemade yogurt and raw oats with raisins, homemade soaked and dehydrated nuts and a splash of honey.  We boil milk….

Let it cool until we can put our fingers in it without getting burned but really donʻt want to leave our
fingers in it.

He gets to eat the “milk skin” off the top while I am putting about a tablespoon of an older batch of
yogurt in the bottoms of each jar.

Then we pour in the warm milk and huddle them all
around a yogurt incubator.  In about 14 hours we have
tons more yogurt (well in this case – 6 quarts).

And, then with any left over, warm milk, I make him chocolate milk!  It looks really, super
funky before I stir it up…..

… because I add cacao powder and homemade stevia
and mint powder to it!  I know, we get a little crazy
around here with all of our homemade stuff but we can grow things ALL year round so we do!
And, when we have a ton of stuff (like stevia and mint) we dehydrate it and powder it and put it in
all kinds of things!

Next, my son and I planted baby papaya trees that we started about a month ago.  I am told they are
non-gmo strawberry papaya seeds.  And, this is what I will choose to believe.  Not sure how cross
pollination is NOT happening here with all the other papaya floating around… but we sure grow
them with lots of love and sometimes, that has to be enough!

And, we flaked out on our friends (including my friend who is going to help me learn how to make
my blog look better!) all day just to putter around the house, play action figures in the driveway, put
new handle grips on the “spidey” mobile (his little bicycle which he learned how to ride without
training wheels as a fatherʻs day present to his revered dad – another blog in the future, perhaps!),
eat lots of lilikoi and just be together.  Nothing bitter, only sweet (well, a little sour from the lilikoi
and the fermented veggies which turned out great, btw).

The bitterness has crept in as I feel so torn about him being gone literally ALL day at school as a kindergartner.  I am doing the right thing?  Should I woman up even more and just keep homeschooling?  I had a glimpse of MY future in the week he was gone and really do want to be able to surf more and do more yoga and do more paddling and do more beach and do more nothing and do more reading and do more promoting of our awesome health care kits (gotta add in a plug for that now… :)) and just do more… or am I selling him out by sending him away?  I know, I know, it is great for them…. just like the “universe” reminded me in the beginning quote of this – wow – increasingly long blog.  But, is it really the best thing?  The age old question… and, for now, I will trust him.  I will trust that he is on his path and his path alone and will steer himself appropriately.  (He did get himself picked in a lottery of almost 200 kids to be able to attend the top charter school in our state afterall…)

I mean, some say I was just his vehicle into the world.  I like to think I am more than that, but am I really?  Getting all chicken and egg now and will just continue to absolutely love him, love him, love him and cherish every single moment that I have left with him!  And, yes, I will keep writing about it because I think other people might be able to relate… and I enjoy relating myself!

Oh, and here is our beautiful stevia before deydrating….    



by Joy, Ola Kits

As odd as it seems, I never feel quite as beautiful as I do when I look at myself in the mirror during a bikram class in the first set of tree pose.  Although my face is beet red and sweaty and my hair is sticking out in all directions and sometimes I want to run out of the class in a panic for fresh, cool air, there is something very elegant about standing there midway through the class and midway between heaven and earth and stretching up for one last beat of stillness.

Fortunately for me, I got to have a non-yoga glimpse of that same beauty and elegance today when I saw my little man waiting for me curbside at the airport!  My heart was racing and overwhelmed with all the feelings of a mother for her child.  I found myself wondering, is it even healthy to feel so much for another person?  I decided it was and pulled up, got out and practically mauled the guy!  My little man is back!

I picked him and my husband up today and headed straight to the beach… what a wonderful life we live!

From there, we bounced around in the truck for about a mile north along the shoreline to the beginning of a really wonderful new business here in Kona… Rendezvous: A love affair with local grown food.  We felt so blessed to be invited to such a beautiful event.  We were treated to amazingly flavorful, simple and healthy wraps and fresh mango juice from one of the owner’s mango trees.  This birth of this business is a real asset to our community!  (Maybe someday they will also be selling some of my wild fermentation experiments!)

Anyway, please check them out!  Super great people and super great food!  Two things I always like to have on hand! or their Facebook page at

Yay Rendezvous, yay yoga, yay mommies and yay Hawaii Nei!Image


by Joy, Ola Kits

I have been on a mini-vacation from my “real” life since last Monday when I arrived home from our “family vacation” in Oregon, alone…. my husband and son stayed for an extra week without me.  In my mind, sky was the limit!  I havenʻt been alone for literally more than an hour or two since my son was born 5 1/2 years ago.  No complaints about that; just the reality of life as a super dedicated mommy.

When I was speaking to my business partner earlier today, I let her know that I would work on the “face-lift” for our company for a few more hours and then go do something fun and get back to it after that.  Well, I went and took a Bikram yoga class!  Fun?!?!?  Not most peopleʻs definition… but it is mine!  I seldom get to go because the whole thing lasts a little over two hours between travel and class time.  That can be a big chunk out of a day with my little man or full grown man.  And, since they are both coming home tomorrow, I have been taking a little inventory of just what I have done with all of my “vacation” time over the last week.

The biggest time consumer was totally revamping the website for our natural health care kits full of awesome home remedies and products to keep your family and children full of health.  This included, of course, starting this blog (trying to figure out wordpress… I was born before the 80ʻs so html and css were definitely NOT mandatory classes in school!), building an Etsy store (super easy and user friendly), trying to link everything up to facebook (still working on that one) and somehow, a full weekʻs worth of other stuff.

Included in all of that and working four days in my practice, I did manage to surf, read a book at the beach (and actually fall asleep at the beach), paddle a little, enjoy other grown-up moms at an amazing dinner at Holuakoa Cafe for my dear friendʻs birthday AND… do lots of fermenting!!!!!

Again, I know, not everyoneʻs definition of FUN but it is mine!  And it is somehow so comforting to know that with just a little bit of prep work, I have food cooking itself on my counter in beautiful glass jars that will soon be full of awesome friendly bacteria and probiotics.  Fermented food is definitely part of our families preventative medicine regime and I love it!

Here is what I spent my second to last day of “vacation” working on…

All three of us love the fermented carrot/ginger recipe in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon (truly one of
the best books/cook books in the world in my opinion).  So, I decided to spice things up for my husband by
adding a bunch of Hawaiian chili peppers and garlic to one of the jars and nourish things up for my son and I
with a beet/carrot/ginger combo.  And, in only one more day, they will all be ready to eat!

I also decided to finally try one of the recipes from one of my all time favorite blogs,
(it is my hope that she will one day be adding a link to my blog on her website!) of fermented chili paste.  This is not something that will ever pass my lips because I am not a huge fan of that kind of heat, but my husband tries to sneak in that crazy Chinese chili paste full of chemicals and sugar!  So, I am secretly substituting a healthy chili sauce into the bottle and anxiously awaiting his response.

And, of course, after being gone for 2 weeks, my garden went wild and crazy with tons of uneaten food.  I decided to ferment all the stuff I couldnʻt eat quickly enough.  This is actually one of my favorite kind  of fermenting to do.  It turns out different all of the time and the flavors are amazing.  In this batch, I used a ton of string beans that had gotten way to big to just munch on, kale, an endemic (so I was told….) Hawaiian green which is actually green and purple and amazingly beautiful, carrots, more random greens that we love to eat, lots of ginger root, garlic cloves, oregano, basil, dill and cilantro.  It is bubbling away on my counter and again, I can not wait to try it in a few days!

People often ask me to teach a class about fermenting.  And, when I say it is super easy they look at me doubtfully!  But, it really, really is super easy!  One of these days, I might blog about how to do it.  For now, lets just say I use the whey!  I make cultured cream cheese for my boys (as found in Nourishing Traditions) and save the whey.  It is easy to get sea salt here in the islands and together with the whey, my fermenting is quick and easy!  Of course, I am not factoring in all of the time it has taken to grow the food and make the yogurt to hang and get the cream cheese and whey out of, but that is already done!

So, that is a little tidbit of the FUN I have had over the past week of delicious alone time.  And, now, even as I am writing this, my heart is pounding in anticipation and joy of being reunited with both my little man and my big one tomorrow afternoon!  Will let you know how the fermenting turns out!

And, please (in regards to the purpose of this blog) check out  Our kits really are something special!




by Joy, Ola Kits

I have been thinking about starting this blog for literally 3 years!  And, suddenly tonight, there is no time like the present !

I just returned from a wonderful family trip to Southern Oregon to visit family and attend my husbandʻs 20 year high school reunion.  As I reflect on the trip, I am reminded of a prior pivotal trip that my son and I had 3 years ago.

He was just really solid in his potty training and would wake me up at night saying, “pee pee Mama” or “poo poo Mama.”  As all moms know, it is a great thing to hear and also, at 2 or 3 or 4 in the morning, sometimes a rude awakening.  Well, this night three years ago began with a midnight awakening of “poo poo Mama.”  OK, great Bud, letʻs go.  “Wipe, please, Mama.”  Of course, Sweetie and horror of horrors… blood!  I looked in the toilet and gasped at the sight of more blood!  WHAT?!?!?!

Breathe, stay calm, Mama…

My parents live on the Applegate River and true to form, he and I had caught a little bacteria from swimming and playing in “new to us” waters.  I was having some mild digestive issues but my little man was really going through it!  I almost panicked at the sight of all that blood (which, of course, looks much worse when added to water)!  Instead, I called my wise woman herbal friend in Kealakekua where it was only 9pm and she reminded me that I had a special home health care kit (“Sprout Kit by Ola Kits”) with me as a demo to show a cranial sacral therapist friend of mine in Southern Oregon.

Oh, yeah!  OK, keep breathing…..

I got my little man cleaned up and carried him back into bed.  I opened my “kit” and began by giving him a yunnan bai yao capsule to stop the bleeding from the bacteria in his digestive tract.  I mixed up some slippery elm powder and charcoal from the kit in some homemade applesauce (by my own mommy from her apple tree) and spooned it into his mouth.  I also, somehow got some goldenseal tincture from the kit down his throat to help clear the bacterial infection.  I applied some lavender oil from the kit to his chest and third eye to help him go back to sleep.

OK, herbs, please start working…..

1:00 AM, “poo poo Mama.”  Ugh…. OK, Bud, lets go… more blood…

More herbs of the same from the kit….

2:00 AM, “poo poo Mama.”  Tears on my part…  more bloody bowels on his part…

Repeat of herbs….

Walk down to the river with a flashlight to where my Mom and Dad are sleeping.  Quick briefing delivered to my own Mom about the situation.  Want to take him to the ER?  Not yet, Mom… please give me 12 hours to try and see some improvement… back to bed with my little man.

4:00 AM, “poo poo Mama.”  Still awake with worry from the last time… Not as much blood!  Aaaaahhh… children recover so quickly!  Tears of relief on my part… sleepiness on his part…

Repeat of herbs from kit….

7:00 AM, “poo poo Mama.”  OK, lets go… a little blood with his bowels.

Repeat of herbs… OK, we might make it through this!!!!!

He slept pretty much the whole next day with a slight fever for which I placed wet wool socks followed by dry cotton socks on his feet to help drain out the heat.  We both snuggled and caught up on missed sleep from the night before.  At 5 PM, “poo poo, Mama.” Heart racing on my part in anticipation of what I will find in the toilet… wipe, look in bowel…. whew!  Perfectly formed, blood free stool!  Many tears of relief on my part!

It was right then and there that I realized this precious little home health care kit I had with me and had been invited to help birth was a priceless gem and immediately needed to be circulated worldwide  to every single person with a child in the entire world!  I would make it my mission to help other moms and dads feel as empowered as I did in that moment!: that I could trust myself and my son and the wonderful gift of natural medicine!

I suppose this is a ridiculously intense story for a first entry on a blog.  With that being acknowledged, being a mom is ridiculously intense sometimes, too!  Trying to do the right thing by our children… deciding what IS the right thing for our children… trusting ourselves and our children to know what is right!  It all feels HUGE and all encompassing sometimes!  I love knowing I am not alone in those feelings and that somehow, it will always turn our right in the end.

I am so grateful to my son for reminding me of the power of natural medicine even though I am sure it aged me a few years that night!  It was well worth it to become so invested in sharing the true, ultimate gift of healing our children at home.

I also realize that I am on an extreme end of the spectrum with my willingness to rely on herbs in this example.  Please know that I am probably the only person I know who would have asked for 12 hours to take care of this situation without medical intervention!  The other end of the spectrum is using natural medicine at home as an adjunct to speed healing while using Western medicine which is one of the goals of our sweet little company.  We love knowing that we can cater to all levels of experience/inexperience, comfort/discomfort and interest is natural health care.

We invite you to begin your journey of becoming more experienced, more comfortable and more interested in natural health care especially within your own home!

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